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Signs Of Cocaine Use

There are different signs of cocaine use, and each individual might show different signs. For family members, friends, or anyone who notices certain behaviors, mood changes, drowsiness, or any sudden changes of mood with an individual you may suspect is using cocaine, you should confront the individual, and intervene to help them quit. Some other signs of cocaine use include mood swings, heavy feeling, red eyes, flushed skin tone, and just different personalities, especially in those who have a fairly similar personality most of the time. Although you do not want to bombard the person you suspect of using cocaine, you should take the time to speak to them, tell them you are there for them, and try to offer different types of assistance, to see if they are willing to get the help they need to quit.

Since the signs of cocaine use may be different for each person, knowing what to look for, and trying to pinpoint the different behaviors that come and go (without explanation), you may find out that someone is using cocaine. When you suspect the use, trying to find different rehab facilities and inpatient centers that can help (a friend or family member, or even yourself), is the best option to turn to when you want to ensure the person gets the right help when they want to quit. Due to the fact that an inpatient center is going to take the drugs away, and use a holistic approach to helping the individual quit, they will have no other choices, since they have no access to drugs. As the individual will be secluded from the people and places that may have led them to using cocaine, the user will find that there is no means of getting a hold of the drugs, and after a period of time, they will learn that they do not need the drugs to live their daily lives.
The sooner the signs of cocaine use are noted, and the sooner things are brought out in to the open, the easier it will be when going about finding the necessary help to assist the individual who is using the drugs, and trying to help them quit. The more willingness you show when trying to help, the more time that is taken in finding the best rehab facilities, and the more effort is put in to showing the individual you are there to help them, the better the chances they will seek out the help they truly need, and the more open they will be to the possibility of going in to a rehab facility to try and quit.
The first sign to helping a person who has a problem, is to look for the signs of cocaine use, and to confront them about it; when you confront them, it should be to help (rather than scolding), and you should be caring, rather than blaming them for getting in to the drug use, and in to the problem they are facing.

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